You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers


We love to meet new people interested in locks, keys and lockpicking! However, TOOOL does not condone the opening of locks that you do not have permission to open. If you're a burglar or have other illegal interests in opening locks, chances are that your coming to a TOOOL gathering will disappoint both you and us.

You will be disappointed because opening locks is an art that takes much more time and effort to learn than you think, and because we don't feel like teaching you. We'll be disappointed because we really do not want to be associated with you.

If you're still interested you are welcome to attend one of the four TOOOL public meetups held once a quarter to get to meet existing members, if you have missed the public meetup but know an existing member you are welcome to accompany them to a private meetup!


Membership in TOOOL is open to all who agree to follow the organization's Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct as well as act in a safe and responsible manner. Simply introduce yourself to your local chapter and learn more about joining us at a meeting.

If there is no local meeting of TOOOL currently taking place near you, we still welcome your interest and enthusiasm. You can contact us via our Contact Us form and we'll keep your details on file and happily contact you if others in your area also express a desire to gather.

If you're ready to join, you can purchase membership over at our store, once you have payment is processed we'll send you your membership card and stickers (standard postage)!


We currently have three chapters in Australia located in Newcastle, Canberra and Melbourne, by staying in touch with your local contact, signing up to our mailing list or by participating in the LockSport Slack Group you can keep yourself appraised of what's happening.


Get in touch with TOOOL Australia to let us know that you're out there and to give us an idea of where you are located. We'll mark you down in our list of interested parties and let you know if others from your region have expressed a desire to learn about picking. 

We recommend in picking a regular time and location and we will let existing members know there is a meetup looking for people to attend via our mailing list.

If a standing, monthly meeting becomes established and is attended by five to ten people with regularity TOOOL will invite you to officially start a chapter in your area.

It should be noted that when a chapter reaches this point, before things can proceed much further TOOOL will need to know the names of those who are involved in a developing chapter. We do not run criminal background checks through any law enforcement channels, nor do we maintain lists for purposes of marketing or sales. However, we are committed to being fully above-board and fostering an air of openness as opposed to an "underground" mentality.

Many of our members are established in the hacker/techy scene and consequently are known by casual nicknames. This is totally acceptable, but the TOOOL leadership does maintain a private database detailing each member's true name and valid contact info.

Each chapter MUST host at least four public meetups a year (one per quarter) and the remaining meetups CAN BE closed to only TOOOL members (and their guests). Additional workshops and meetups can be arranged at the chapter heads discretion.