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Code of Ethics

Everybody who participates in TOOOL Australia in one way or another is required to conform to this Code of Ethics (CoE).

The discipline of sportpicking is one in which practitioners are exposed to unique and often privately-guarded knowledge. Members of this Association may become very well-versed in the ability to manipulate and non-destructively open many locks and security devices in common use.

Above all else, members of TOOOL are expected to abide by a strict code of ethics which is summarized in the following three rules:

  • Never pick or manipulate with the aim of opening any lock that does not belong to you, unless you have been granted explicit permission by the lock's rightful owner.

  • Never disseminate knowledge or tools of lockpicking to individuals whom you know or whom have reason to suspect would seek to employ such skills or equipment in a criminal manner.

  • Be mindful of the relevant laws concerning lockpicks and related equipment in any country, state, or municipality where you seek to engage in hobbyist lockpicking or recreational locksporting.

All members of TOOOL shall be advised of the relevant statutes in their home state of residence at the time they are inducted into the Association.

This Code of Ethics has been borrowed and updated from TOOOL US.

Code of Ethics: About Us
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